In order to carry out it’s mission, Inverted Arts will focus on these five strategies:

1. Build Partner Relationships

Wherever there are disadvantaged and underserved youth there are usually multiple organizations with a long history of serving those young people, their families and communities. These schools, shelters, and non profit organizations have invested in the community and worked hard to build caring and trusting relationships.  We will identify and build partnerships with these organizations, starting in Minneapolis, the US and Canada and around the world.

2. Lead Art Camps and Art Exploration Programs

Our “entry” point for students is our multi-session Art Exploration Programs and Art Camps led by professional Artist Mentors. Students can choose an artistic area of interest: song writing, photography, filmmaking, visual art, fashion, graphic design, theater, dance, or creative writing, and receive tools and training in that medium. During the program, students will have the opportunity to create their own art that will be performed and presented to their families, friends and community at a final showcase event.

3. Offer Internships and Scholarships

From our programs we will identify outstanding young artists who have special talent and ability and are about to graduate high school. These students are invited to serve as interns with our Artist Mentors in the Inverted Arts studios and collaborate on projects such as documentary/short films, visual art and photo exhibits, recording projects, and other artistic product creation. Qualifying graduates are eligible to apply for scholarships to continue their education and artistic training at a college level with the hope that they return to serve as Artist Mentors in their own communities.

4. Promote and Support Artists

For those select individuals who continue to develop their abilities and character and demonstrate potential for a career in the arts, we will promote these artists, providing creative, production, project, event and marketing support.

5. Help Launch “Creative” Small Businesses

After graduating, scholarship recipients launch “creative” small businesses for the good of their own communities – for income generation, community development, sustainability, and to mentor/train other disadvantaged youth. Inverted Arts invests seed money and/or no-interest loans into these small businesses. Businesses must have a minimum 3 lead entrepreneurs/artists and must be connected to partner organizations for accountability, oversight, and office/production/retail space.