At Inverted Arts we believe in creative collaboration and in the reality that we are stronger together than we are apart! For this reason IA partners with three groups: Artist Mentors, partner organizations, and scholarship students.

1. Artist Mentors

Our Artist Mentors are skilled, professional artists who have chosen to pour out their lives into disadvantaged youth. They not only give their time, talents, wisdom and expertise, but they understand that mentoring through creative collaboration is a two-way street and are themselves enriched and challenged by the young people we serve.

2. Partner Organizations

Our partner organizations have a long history of serving disadvantaged youth, their families and communities. These schools, shelters and non profit organizations have already invested in the community and worked hard to build caring and trusting relationships. Our goal is to identify and build partnerships with these organizations, starting in Minneapolis, the US and Canada, and around the world.

3. Scholarship Students

Our scholarships are awarded to talented students from partner organizations who have participated in our art programs and are now continuing their creative artistic development and academic education at a college level. These four-year scholarships come with the requirement that the recipient serve as an assistant Artist Mentor in future IA programs and some will eventually become Artist Mentors in their own communities.