Mathare Community Outreach – Mathare Valley, Kenya

Seth Oluvuyi Luchemo

Seth has been an IA Artist Mentor in music for the Mathare Art Camp the last four years. He graduated from Kenya Institute Management (KIM), with a diploma in Project Management. He had been a student at LEPTA, a CBO, where he undertook a program on leadership. After graduating at KIM, Seth was promoted to become a Program Assistant at Lepta Community.

Seth plays music in Church and is also a music and worship leader at Rehema Rescue Foundation. The foundation rescues teenage girls and keeps them at their care for two years of counseling and mentorship. The music, especially the worship, helps the girls to heal.

With a team of five people, Seth has managed to start a year-round Art camp program, where they advance development in the community, by training children, 8-15 years. The children are trained on music, singing, dance, playing instruments, drawing and painting. They also began mentoring classes. The program is called Recreation Factory School of Arts (RFSA).

Brian Odhiambo Onyango

Brian is 20 years old, currently a student at Mt. Kenya University, Nairobi Campus. He is studying Journalism & Mass Communication, specializing on videography, animation, editing and photography.

Brian cleared high school in 2016, after which he took a course in Food Production. He then proceeded for an industrial attachment in a local hotel for 4 months. Having gained experience, he joined a group of friends who had come together to form an Outside Catering firm. They prepared meals for weddings and corporate events.

Brian recently got employed at Blue Spring Hotel, as a cook. When the hotel gets busy over the weekend, he doubles up as a waiter.

Cassandra Julie Atieno Odhiambo

Cassandra,19 years old cleared high school in 2017. She lives with both parents and younger siblings. Cassandra plans to study videography at the University of Nairobi. Cassandra also loves singing, which she did so much while in the school choir.

Yvonne Achieng Owino Asunnah

Yvonne is 24 years old and the eighth born in a family of ten comprising 5 boys and 5 girls. She is a brilliant fashion designer and model who recently launched the Mathare Creative Creators Foundation (MCCF) and her own brand “Yvonne Asunnah Kenya” in partnership with Inverted Arts. MCCF is focused on mentoring and training youth from Kariobangi Children’s Home and Mathare Community Outreach in fashion design and creating fashion products and services for the local Kenyan market. She has also served as an Artist Mentor for the Mathare Art Camp for the past four years.  Yvonne is taking 2019 off to focus on MCCF and her brand but will return to Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts (BIFA) to finish her degree in 2020.

Henry Aol 

Henry is married to one wife, and the third born in a family of seven children. His passion for art began out of necessity. Having been a child of a civil servant, he had to learn how to make things for himself, or else he would not have any toy to play with. Most of his artwork is inspired by personal feelings of things around him and happenings in the world that people are very much unaware off. His work seeks to inform, make statements, discuss or argue. It always seeks to promote a positive reaction.

All in all, Henry loves what he does and spends a lot of time refining, perfecting and even sometimes obsessing over his work. For him it is a passion and a way to minister to the children and people of Mathare. If you ask him what form of art he specializes in, he will not tell you, for he strives to go beyond an aesthetic sense to create a captivating work of art. The measure of how good he is comes through the work of his students, their expression and experiences.

As an art teacher at Mathare Community Outreach, he has worked and exposed himself to many forms of art through different forums and workshops. He has partnered with many groups and artists who have the same vision as his; namely Inverted Arts, Safaricom Sanaa, and Art Without Borders just to mention but a few.

Art is everywhere. We only have to open our heart and eyes to see and feel it.

Twin Cities Scholarship, MN

Grace Johnson

Grace is a graduate​ from Hope Academy in Minneapolis, MN​ who is developing her love of sketching, painting and designing. Her influences range from E.H. Shepard to Vincent van Gogh to her personal art mentor and friend Sarah Nelson. Grace has been involved with every artistic opportunity afforded to her including painting shoes, designing cards, and curating small art shows. She describes her art as taking real life objects or situations and adding an element of fantasy. Through her art she hopes viewers begin to see extraordinary glimpses in ordinary day-to-day life.

Grace has been part of Inverted Arts programs from the very beginning. As a middle schooler she participated in our Art Exploration Programs at Hope Academy, and later became a high school intern and assistant in the visual art class with Artist Mentor Sarah Nelson. She has exhibited her work in the IA Studio for the past three years of Art-a-Whirl, at our Winter Art Shows, and she has designed cards for our Christmas Card collections. In one of her first professional gigs, her design was selected as the official 2018 label for Wandering Collection Vineyard in Oyama, British Columbia! Also, check out her cool, hand-painted shoe designs at

Grace will attend The King’s College in New York City this fall, majoring in Media, Culture and the Arts. She plans to continue her focus on visual art and branch out into videography, photography and graphic design. Her future goals include using her art to positively influence the youth in her own Minneapolis community. Some of those dreams include starting a coffee and ice cream shop where kids can go and create. She calls it a place to create, to belong, and to enjoy!

Shevon Greene

Shevon was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has considered music to be her passion for her entire life. She has attended Hope Academy since Kindergarten and loves spending time with her close friends and family. She has also been apart of Inverted Arts for the past seven years. One of her favorite hobbies is singing, and has performed for Hope Academy and Inverted Arts multiple times before. Shevon has persevered throughout her schoolwork while taking care of her younger brother, Matthew, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. She will be attending Augsburg University in the Fall of 2017 and is planning on studying Music Therapy. Matthew’s love for music and music therapy is one of the main reasons why she has decided to go into this field, and she is immensely joyful and ecstatic about the future!


Rachel Kite 
Rachel pic

My name is Rachel Kite.I am the oldest out of eight children. I will be starting my freshman year at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design this fall, majoring in Graphic Design. My goal with my artistic talents is to use it to help my community and give back. One dream I am considering right now is becoming an art teacher and going back to Hope Academy, my former high school, and teaching there

Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo

Adriel Charles Santos
IMG_1496 copy

Adriel Charles Santos is a Dominican boy, born in the town of Bayaguana (Monte Plata) on February 27, 1992. His father Joaquin Charles (now deceased) and mother Ysabel Cristina have two other sons, Michael and Azarias, and two daughters, Faustina and Miguelina. Adriel graduated from Liceo Nocturno Sebastian Lemba high school in San Antonio de Guerra where Adriel still resides.

His love for music began while watching his father play guitar, piano and accordion, and he was surrounded by musicians during his childhood years. At the age of twelve Adriel began studying piano at his church with a well-known local musician named Rodriguez who he still keeps in touch with. He was able to learn the piano quickly since he worked taking care of the church for eleven years and had much time to practice.

Now Adriel sings and writes songs, plays piano, guitar, bass and drums, and is learning to play the violin on his own. He also works as an assistant for the Palm Distribution Center.

Adriel is excited to begin classes at Estudio Dina in Santo Domingo in the fall of 2015 to study piano.

Past Recipients

Mathare Valley, Kenya

Rose Simbiri

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication – Television Program Production

Kevin Otieno Obambo

Africa Film and Television Training Institute – Film and TV production

Philister pic 2016

Philister Anyango Miruka

Kenya Technical Teachers College – Instructors Training Course part two in Garment Making Fashion and Design

Winnie Aluoch Otieno

Zetech University – Social Work and Community Development

Minneapolis, MN

Stephanie Aquino

University of Northwestern – Biology/Spanish/Photography